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8 Best Ideas How to Text Overlay on Image

by admin in News on October 28, 2022

Have you ever wondered how other people make their Instagram stories look so good? You know the slides: they have nice fonts, simple collages, and a color scheme that goes together or text overlay on image. The answer is that they use an app from somewhere else.

Even though social media sites let you do some light editing and choose from a few fonts for text, you need a more extensive set of tools to make posts that look more professional.

The fonts in social media apps might be good for quick posts, but what if you want to make something more complicated? Whether it’s your wedding photos, an ad for your business, or a collection of photos from your dream vacation, the correct text can make a post even better. Say you want to use fun, colorful background images in your e-learning, but you’re worried about how well people will be able to read the text. So, we’ve put together a list of seven easy ways to help you do that. But first, let’s learn a little about putting text on top of images.

Advantages of putting text over images design

Photographers use text overlay on image on images to add texture and other things to an image that weren’t there when the picture was taken. In photography, an extra layer can be added during editing or post-production to make the photo look better or add to its look. With the help of textures and layers, text overlay on image on images can change an image in a big way and make an otherwise dull picture look much better. You can use a text overlay on image on image to make a scary fog effect, a cute fairy garden, or beautiful falling leaves in your photo. There are text overlay on images for just about every theme you can think of!

By adding a text overlay on image to your image, you can make the essential part of your project stand out, whether it’s an email campaign, a social media post, or a web page. Messages can get lost easily, especially if there’s much text or they’re part of a long piece of content. But if you start your content with a header image or hero shot, adding a text overlay on image allows you to tell your audience you’re most important message before they even start reading it.

By adding text to your images, you can make a nice, simple piece of content that is small and easy to share. It’s a great way to send a short message that can be easily forwarded by email or shared on social media. This content can be helpful for things like holiday greetings or company milestones.

What app can I use to put text on top of images?

There are many apps you can use to overlay text on image online but Canva is the one that stands out the most. It is one of the best apps for adding text to pictures. It has many great features that let you edit and make banners, posters, flyers, and other artwork. And, of course, you can write on any picture you like!

Using it, you can make stylish posts that almost look like they were made by a professional. You can also use more than 100 different fonts and hundreds of picture layouts. All that for nothing! A paid version also gives you access to even more features. Are you curious? Go to the website’s official page and start using it!

Ways to overlay on imaging text on images

Floor Fade

Adding a gradient over an image that slowly fades to black at the bottom is called a “floor fade.” I’m not talking about PowerPoint’s fade animation effect. Pay attention to the direction of the fade if you want to get the effect you want. With this effect, your image will look the most natural since it is darker at the bottom, and the light is coming from the top.

Think about how you look

Make sure the picture you choose makes people feel the same way your text does. For example, putting the words “fresh, gourmet food” over a generic, processed-looking sandwich on a white background won’t have the same effect as putting them over an image of someone cooking a meal with fresh ingredients.

Image Blur

One of the easiest ways to make text easy to read is to blur the image. But image blurs are only sometimes the best choice. The trick is to find the right photo and amount of blur so that your eye is clear and focused. This technique works best when you want to make a background texture, not show off the client’s work.

Intelligently place text

Even though it might be your first thought to put text in the middle of a picture, there might be better places than that. You have to think about the whole picture. If you do, the text might look smooth and hide something important. One good strategy is to look at how your eyes move through the image. Do they naturally go to a particular spot? Is the person in the picture looking a certain way? These are good places to put text because they naturally draw attention.

Add a shape that shows behind the text

Adding a transparent layer behind your text is the easiest way to make it stand out. Many of you may already know this and be looking for better ways to do things. It may be a simple trick, but it works very well.

Use all the space you can

When the characters in your image take up the whole space and leave you no room to write, you have no choice but to put your text over the main character. Similar to Donald Trump’s slide. But some stock images are too special and important to change. Like a picture from space

Frame Your Text

Putting a frame around some text helps draw attention to it. Use shapes or graphics like lines, dots, and arrows to frame the text and draw attention to it. If the frame’s background is colored, try adding a little transparency. This lets you see the picture in the environment through the frame and brings the whole thing together.


If you put text over an image, you could reach people you have yet to talk to on the web. This is especially true if you use the same image in emails, on social media handles, or websites. Making the text stand out, not the photo, is the key to canvassing text-based content. But if you write your message on the image’s header or use good sales pitches on hero shots, the main message will be easier to read, and the image will stand out.

If you put text over an image, your content would be thin but still functional. People would be convinced to share the content on their social media accounts, giving you conversions as a marketer. Aside from that, you can forward casual emails and use share buttons to make it easy for users to share the content.

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